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If you would like to book an initial online consultation appointment or find out more about the service, please call me on 076 051 0647

Online Counselling Via Zoom or Phone

Online therapy is a process whereby you schedule a meeting with your therapist, often at the same time each week and you talk over video chat in real time over the Internet. Counselling over the internet isn’t a new form of therapy and can be used if you are unable to travel to your therapists office, move locations and wish to carry on seeing the same therapist, or if you are travelling and wish to carry on your therapy you can just connect with me on Zoom and continue as usual.

For some people they feel more comfortable working with a therapist who is not local to them, no chance of bumping into them at their local shops! For others, they may find it is easier to open up about a certain topic and feel more comfortable talking over Skype as opposed to face to face.

What Next?


Initial Session

The initial session is for us to discuss your symptoms and a path to overcome them while seeing if we could work well together.

Calendar Availability

Please contact me for available therapy dates and times. I recommend scheduling your sessions at least 24 hours in advance.