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216 Kessel Street, Fairland

076 051 0647

  • BA(Hons) Psychosocial (UEL, UK), MA Couns. Psych. (Wits)
  • HPCSA : PS 0123340 Prac. No. 0527165

Disclosure and Practice Information

Your Rights

* You may ask questions about anything that happens in therapy and expect clear answers from me.

* You can ask to explore alternative methods you believe would be helpful.

* You can end your therapy journey at any time; but it is advised you discuss this with me beforehand. You can also commence your therapy journey again at anytime.

* The number of sessions depends on the problem at hand. During our first session we will discuss the different options and decide on a plan together.

Your Responsibilities

* You should come to your scheduled appointments on time (each appointment is 50 minutes), unless otherwise agreed.

* Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advance or you may be charged the full appointment fee.

* Please note that the practice is contracted out of medical aid. It is preferred that clients pay via cash, card or EFT and then claim back from their medical aid. Payments can be made per session or on a monthly basis. My professional fees are within medical aid rates. Medical aids seem to be cutting back on the amounts that they are willing to cover, so you will need to check with them to see how many sessions etc. they are prepared to cover you for.


All information will be treated as strictly confidential, except under the following circumstances:

* If your therapist is forced to divulge information in a court of law.

* When the life or safety or yourself or someone else is seriously threatened due to your state of mind or your stated or implied intent.

* When there is evidence of abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult or child.

* Your referral source or doctor may require verbal or written feedback regarding your treatment. In such a case, this will only be supplied once discussed with you and written consent derived.

* We have multiple layers so I try not to reduce the people I see to a diagnosis or a “condition.” I am less interested in assigning people a label, than in learning about their personal experience, about their pain, fear, joy, hope, longings, and dreams. However, medical schemes require an International Statistical Classification of Disease and Health Problems Code (ICD10 Code). Please note that this code must be given on your statements for your medical scheme. Be advised that certain future policies may require your medical scheme to be given access to the diagnosis of treatment. Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have about the ICD10 code with your therapist.

* In order to offer a professional service, cases and academic material is sometimes discussed and written up with colleagues who are also mental health professionals. In this case, all identifying details are removed and the psychologists concerned are qualified professionals who must treat the information confidentially.

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