Counselling Psychologist

Fairland, Johannesburg

Welcome to Stephen Laverack psychology:

Overcome Challenges, Gain Deeper Self-Insight and Awareness

As a registered Counselling Psychologist I believe the aim of counselling and psychotherapy is to find ways to maximize psychological well-being, quality of life, and self-fulfilment.
From my practice, I have created a safe space where we can comfortably explore any difficulties or issues you may be facing. Outcomes include assisting you to achieve emotional and personal growth.

When should you see a psychologist?


When you feel overwhelmed by life's problems


Depression, anxiety or anger are taking over your life


You are having trouble with a major relationship


You are having difficulties coping with a serious illness


You or your loved one are having difficulties coping after experiencing a traumatic event


Your job is too stressful and you can’t handle it anymore


You are experiencing addictive or substance use problems


You don’t know what to do, or where to turn for help


An Open Letter from a Therapist to His Client

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When Things Feel Out Of Control

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