Individual Counselling Services 

Personal Counselling Services in Johannesburg

Individual counseling is a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in your life.

Individuals seek counselling for many different reasons. Life is busy, can be stressful and demanding, and often people put their own wellbeing on the back-burner. Some extra support during these times can help you take time for yourself and gain clarity and a sense of control over your life to tackle future decisions head-on.

It could be that you want to build on areas of your life such as confidence and assertiveness to reach your full potential. Whatever the reason for seeking that additional help, I can provide professional, impartial, and sensitive support.

What Can You Expect From Individual Counselling? 

The first session of counselling often focuses on gathering information. Counselling involves speaking about your past physical, mental, and emotional health. We will also discuss your concerns on why you chose to see me and your goals for therapy. 

I also encourage you to use the first session to decide if my counselling style is a good fit for your needs.

Individual therapy sessions often last from 45 to 60 minutes. 

Some concerns can be addressed through short-term therapy over a few weeks. However, chronic or more complex concerns can require long-term treatment. 

Areas of Individual Counselling


Coping with health issues


Career moves and decisions


Low self worth


Work/life balance


Anger management


Social Anxiety


Eating disorders







How It Works

Step 1

Email or Whatsapp me to discuss your counselling needs.

Step 2

I do my best to offer my availability to cater to your needs.

Step 3

Meet with me either in person or online to begin your therapy session.

Let’s Discuss Your First Therapy Session

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